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Taking out the middleman in ridesharing

Uber and Lyft have proven to be a great option to call a car but is there a better way to share rides between trusted parties? Read on to find out ...

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When people say they rideshare, they're typically talking about calling an Uber or a Lyft.

Those services are basically a type of taxi service. You call a car with their app, their app arranges a driver that they've employed and that driver comes to pick you up.

There's no sharing going on with their service.

But what is the alternative?

This graphic compares how RideConnect works against the alternatives. All users within the RideConnect community are connected socially, and there is no third party company that collects any fees to enable ridesharing.

[Comparison between RideConnect and other rideshare companies]

RideConnect lets users create their own rideshare. With RideConnect, users ask for a ride or schedule one up to a day in advance. The app sends the request to anyone within the user's community who has enabled ridesharing. When another user offers a ride, then the app coordinates the pick up, drop off and communication between the two users.

All users can choose to ask for a ride or offer rides if they have enabled the share rides option.

RideConnect gives professional drivers the opportunity to make more money because there are no fees on any usage. The app lets drivers set up their private community of customers. Those customers can bring their private communities into the rideshare. This way, drivers have access to a bigger group of customers, and riders have access to a bigger group of drivers, all within a group of private communities.

With RideConnect, anyone can now build a closed, private community of users with whom they can share rides and split costs.

RideConnect removes the middleman and gives users control of how they share rides.

[Download RideConnect Now]

Download RideConnect now and start your own rideshare.