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Google Trips - Google's New Travel App

First Impressions by Santosh Krishnan for RideConnect

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Today, September 21st, Google dropped Trips on us. It's their much anticipated travel app that's supposed to give Uber and Lyft a run for their money.

However on first impression, that's not at all so.

Google Trips is a travel planning consolidator. The app lets you put all your travel plans together in one place, keeping it all organized. It automatically pulls this information from your emails so you don't have to forward it as is the case with other similar apps such as TripIt or Worldmate.

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Beyond these features, Google Trips doesn't do much else, yet. It gives lots of information that requires reading, something people are unlikely to do. This information is much the same as in a tour book and there's not much more than that.

My first impression: Nothing to see here folks

My forecast: Google will likely add to this app over time and include the ability to call an Uber automatically on arrival from within the app. They will also likely add some intuitive features like picking out restaurants at particular times based on what meetings have been saved in your trip plan. I feel that this app has tons of potential across Android and iOS.

Until then however, it's only a good looking app with little use.


Recommendation: Wait to download