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Lower your stress this New Year's Eve

RideConnect brings a compelling idea to how people travel around town

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With New Years Eve just around the corner, RideConnect has positioned itself to be the perfect solution to calm the chaos around getting to, from and in between your party destinations.

Instead of having the same old ride hailing model, RideConnect introduces people to the idea that people in their community can give one another rides.

The main thing that RideConnect brings to users is the private community based ridesharing model. With this model, users can privately announce their travel plans to others in their extended social network.

When they need a ride, a designated driver can see where they need to get picked up.

The main value proposition for riders is that instead of standing around waiting on an Uber or another car service, they can see who else in their social network is going to the same bars, clubs or other venues and then simply rideshare with them.

They don't even need their own car.

For example, if one person is in an Uber and is heading to a particular club, and another person in their social community is also going to the same neighborhood, they can both use RideConnect to get there together.

RideConnect also offers a value proposition to drivers.

People who are not going out and partying can be available to their friends, families or their extended community. Instead of having people drive drunk, or even put themselves in compromised situations, RideConnect lets them contact a trusted group of people within their private community who can then give them a ride home.

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