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Are your kids taking a rideshare to school? Perhaps that's not so weird ...

The idea of kids traveling with adults besides themselves is strange to many Americans, but this happens safely on a daily basis elsewhere.

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Kids in other countries travel by themselves using public transportation or car service. Some of these kids are as young as 6 years old.

So we asked why, and we found some startling answers. Keep reading to find out why.

The average parents rely on a number of people to help them raise their kids. Where possible, these are close family members such as the grandparents or uncles and aunts.

Often though, they have no choice but to reach farther out to babysitters and daycares. But how do they identify who fits their requirements?

In all this, the one thing that governs their decision is trust. Parents choose to trust someone else based on factors that vary from one individual to another.

RideConnect recognizes this and provides an option for parents when it comes to how their children are transported from one place to another, be it from home to school and back, or to social events.

Most parents would never let their children travel with any stranger, and perhaps not even with someone the know. Yet in most countries besides the US, kids get around to school and to after school programs using public transport or with hired car service.

Today, in the US, various apps are available that connect you with taxis, drivers, babysitters, grocery stores or even restaurants. None of them, however, take into account the level of trust that you may want in the provider.

Parents in other countries have intricate networks of trust that only brings forward service providers that they would be willing to trust. This happens through a system of recommendations from people in their social groups - friends, family, neighbors etc.

RideConnect takes these lessons and simplifies them for your benefit. Through your social network, you can create private communities. You can then schedule daily rides with specific providers who you've included in your private community.

Even before a service provider is considered, there is already an effort to validate the trust assigned them by the social group as a whole. The parents never have to worry about considering total strangers. Their entire shortlist of service providers already have enough trust to have been included in the list.

There's a lot more to RideConnect that makes it a safer alternative to your current ridesharing choices.

Download RideConnect now and try it out with your social community.​

The best way to see if RideConnect is for you is to download it at the App store or the Google Play store. Try it with your friends and family. Let us know how you think it could work better for you.

Your rules, your choice of who you entrust your children with. RideConnect helps you to make your daily travel planning easier and safer.