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5 Quick Steps to using RideConnect in your life

Why not travel with like minded people instead of a stranger or in your car by yourself?

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I'm sure you're accustomed to driving your car to work, or taking an Uber to the airport.

How often is it that you actually share rides with your friends? RideConnect opens up new possibilities in ridesharing.

With RideConnect, you can do more things with like minded people than to sit idly in traffic in an empty car with a driver you don't know.

What is RideConnect?

RideConnect is a smartphone app with which you can create private communities from your social contacts. You can then share rides with people in those communities.

The following 5 steps will quickly make RideConnect useful for you and your friends.

  • Install the app

If you have an iPhone, you can search for RideConnect on the app store or click here:

If you have an Android phone, you can search for RideConnect on the Play store or click here:

  • Register to use RideConnect

In three steps, you'll be ready to use RideConnect. First, you have to validate your phone number, then you have to setup your profile and lastly you have to enable ride sharing.

  • Invite 5 friends to install RideConnect

RideConnect uses your social network of people in your phone book and Facebook. When you save phone numbers into your phone book, it figures out if those people also have your phone number in their phone books. If so, then it shows you as friends, represented in green within the app.

RideConnect also shows you their friends. They're represented as orange within the app.

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Have your friends read this blog post.

  • Create a post on the RideBoard
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On the RideBoard, create a post by touching the Ride Later button.

Enter the destination where you're planning to go and select the time when you are going. Then write a description. Choose who all should see this post and then send it on to the RideBoard.

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Have your friends do the same thing.

  • Offer a ride, or ask for one

When you see posts from your friends, touch the post. Now choose to offer them a ride, or ask them for one.

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That's it. Now you can use RideConnect to share rides with people in your social network. You can rideshare to work, or the grocery store, and you can even help out one another by arranging deliveries of things.
Have fun and and Download the app now: