• Easily, quickly and privately share rides with friends, family and other people in your social network

    RideConnect is a ridesharing platform for students, universities, communities, groups, families, events and companies.

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  • Features

    RideConnect solves the problem of trust and affordability by giving you control to create your own community of drivers and riders so that you can ask people for a ride, or offer them one.


    The RideBoard

    A central ride sharing marketplace

    Tell everyone you know where you need to go, or where you will be going.


    Ask your community for a ride, or offer someone a ride.


    Manage who sees your posts with privacy settings.

    Your Community

    A private network in your control

    Control who's on and off your community by managing your phone book and Facebook friends lists.


    Create a memorable handle with which you can identify yourself within the RideConnect community.


    Favorite, mute or block people that you're less familiar with or with whom you don't want to share rides.


    A guided process that allows you to give and take rides with your social community

    Key information about your ride, presented in a timely fashion.


    Coordinate with your ride share within the app with voice messages.


    Precise navigation to the pick up and drop off locations.

  • Share rides with people in your social network and travel together

    With RideConnect, you can easily share rides with your friends, family and acquaintances.


    RideConnect is a private, social ride sharing marketplace in which you control how you share rides, and with whom.

    Easy To Use

    With RideConnect, you choose where you'd like to get picked up, where you need to get dropped off and who you'd like to ask for a ride.


    That simple.

    Schedule Your Rides

    With RideConnect, you can announce your ride share needs, schedule rides, and limit the visibility of your posts to only those people with whom you wish to ride.

    Wherever you need to go, plan ahead with RideConnect

    With built in privacy settings, RideConnect is the perfect solution to your travel coordination needs.


    Plan your meetings, events and social outings with RideConnect and announce them to your friends or anyone else in your social network.


    Ride Sharing where you're in control.

    Watch the video

    Take a look at how RideConnect works, and find out how it can work for you. Click on the video to watch.

  • Making RideConnect Work For You

    Share rides with friends, coworkers, friends and teammates when you do things as a group


    Share rides to class, local restaurants and bars, campus events or simply to hang out with your friends. Create a post with your plans. Other students that you're connected to can see it. They can either ask you for a ride, or offer you a ride when they're going out.

    Road Trips

    Inform your community of your plans to drive on a long distance trip. Accept ride offers from other who might be going that way, or offer a ride to people who have also indicated that they are interested.


    Securely share rides among your family members. Use the blocking features in the My Community screen to ensure that only your family members are able to share rides with you. Post the time when you're done with work, or when school gets out so that you can better coordinate pick ups, drop offs and general coordination between everyone in your family.

    Corporate Rideshares

    Once your employees have installed RideConnect, create a group for your company (BETA feature). When all your employees use the same group code, they can share rides with one another even if they're not connected directly.

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  • Testimonials

    See what people are saying about RideConnect

    It's a pretty cool idea. I would actually probably really use something like this!

    Todd (Beta tester)

    "This app appears to be quite useful and intuitive, which is no mean feat. I think this app could certainly be useful - you might also try espousing that the app can be environmental friendly as well as money saving, because by enabling quicker car pools/ride shares (ride share sounds better, I see that now), it helps save fuel consumption, thus money, emissions, and possibly time as well!"

    Teddy (Beta tester)

    "I think this is a great idea. Sharing a car with my sister, I find myself looking for rides. I could definitely see myself using this app with my friends and family when I needed a ride."

    chris*****@gmail.com (Beta tester)

    "I really like this idea and will try to get friends involved as well. My group of friends are always driving to this show or this area and always can pop another person in the car is the best if they knew where we were going."

    Jake (Beta tester)

    "RideConnect is a very clean and very innovative idea which pushes car pooling and allows people near each other to provide rides to one another. This concept would be fantastic in highly populated urban areas and metropolitan areas."

    Anthony (Beta tester)

    "The app seems like a very good idea! It would be awesome to get it further integrated with Facebook, too. The beta app seems pretty nailed down in terms of branding and purpose."

    Amber (Beta tester)

    "I really admire the concept and it's way more convenient than Uber and Lyft. You can trust these people in your area and ride with friends, neighbors, and acquaintances that are available and local, rather than mostly strangers. The idea and concept is brilliant, convenient, and useful."

    amanda (Beta tester)

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