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Coordinating an event? Here are five ways the on-demand rideshare industry can help you create a seamless experience for your attendees.

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When you are designing an event there are a million details to think about. For everything to go off without a hitch, event planners have to think of every detail, and from every angle. How your guests will get around while in town is an important one. The attendee experience can make you or break you, and if getting to different venues is a pain, you know you are going to hear about it.

To help you make the most of your resources, forging ties with a rideshare service is a great way to relieve the headache that getting around can be for your clients, and for you as well. Here are a few ways having an on-demand car service can make your event a hit:

1. Eliminate expensive parking costs for your guests.

No one likes to find there are hidden costs in a trip, and extra parking charges fall into that category. Parking expenses can add up pretty fast in the downtown core and competition for spots is fierce. The time wasted waiting in line to enter a parkade or circling the block for street parking adds stress to packed schedules. Whether it’s you as the event organiser pocketing these costs or your attendees who get the bill, why not offer a hassle-free solution through an on-demand taxi service that gets your guests around the event site, worry free.


2. Build a fun networking experience for attendees into getting from point A to point B.


Most events are all about shared experiences and making new contacts, professional or otherwise. Ridesharing provides a fun opportunity for guests to do just that. Build in a driver-rider trivia game, or simply ensure that event programs are available for people to reference.

3. Provide exclusive rideshare services deals that benefit clients.

It’s always a relief to know that your taxi won’t cost a fortune, even when traffic is moving slowly. Working with rideshare providers directly gives you the opportunity to negotiate a deal for your attendees such as providing your guests with a special code that gets them preferred services or a price cap within the event zone.

4. Partner with event sponsors and local businesses to tie in the experience.

Did you know that the on-demand car service industry goes beyond well known players such as Uber and Lyft? Drivers using alternative platforms are more likely to work with you to build special partnerships. You can create a win-win deal for your sponsors and drivers by creating joint opportunities that promote their services and products. Why not capitalize on these opportunities through your locally grown rideshare provider?

5. Stay in control of everything going on behind the scenes.

If you are in the event design business, you know how many last minute miracles have to happen during the course of a conference, festival or show. When you have to deal with crises, having an on-demand car service at your beck and call can make sure your people and materials get to where they need to be before the curtain goes up.

We hope these tips help you out. Keep those stress levels in check, especially when on the road!