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Are big events in your city stopping you from getting to work on time? Start your day off right with these rideshare options. 

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I love my car. It makes things simple for me: I feel good behind the wheel, I turn on the tunes I like to listen too, and head to where I need to go. It’s the fastest, most efficient way for me to get around.

It’s incredibly annoying when the “cruise control” routine I’ve come to rely on stops working. Too much traffic, no parking, and the endless circling around the block gets in the way of my day starting off right. When my morning doesn’t go as planned (despite the fancy coffee), the rest of the day seems to follows suit! This happens often enough that I’ve put a little time into finding alternatives to my daily commute. It’s time to get proactive about bypassing big events in town like SXSW, the annual marathon and seasonal public construction projects. Here are a few work arounds I found beyond public transit:


The basic carpool

If someone you know is heading in the same direction as you, drop them a line and ask if you can join them. Feeling shy? There are all kinds of apps out there that can act as mediators between you and your friends. Just check out what comes up in your app search tab when you type “carpool”. With some apps, you can create closed groups amongst friends and colleagues which keeps communication clear and to the point and makes organizing easy. Some even use Facebook to crowdsource friends and friends of friends who are using the same platform.


The rideshare pool

Don’t know anyone who can give you a lift? Expand your reach through rideshare apps that offer “pool” options. They help to keep costs reasonable. Many apps allow you to schedule rides in advance, so you can program your work week pickups ahead of schedule and keep the morning running smoothly, which is a must when you are used to getting into your own car! With the beauty of having GPS in our phones, if you walk down the street a bit they will know you have moved and pick you up at your new location.


Go green with PediCabs

Really, you should ride your own bike to work, but if you are not into working up a sweat in your smart attire, why not get someone else to do it! Bicycle taxis are a refreshing way to get around and are branching out beyond the standard tourist’s tour. Don’t get skeptical about distance: If your city isn’t too spread out, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that biking doesn’t add that much time to a commute. And yes, there are even dedicated Bike Taxi apps to make things easier for you, so why not check them out!

So there you have it. No need to be late for that morning meeting because of downtown traffic and parking woes. The sharing economy has got your back!