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Rideshare Channels now on RideConnect

by Alyssa

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RideConnect connects you with friends, family and coworkers via Facebook and your phone’s contact list to share rides but what if you want to catch a ride with people beyond your social network? Or create your own rideshare service?

The old way to share rides involved hunting through hundreds of posts, or weeding through emails and texts to catch a ride. With RideConnect’s Rideshare Channels you can start your own rideshare. Share your Rideshare Channel code with customers so they can join your channel and easily hail you for rides. For riders, Rideshare Channels help you catch rides with people heading to music festivals, the big game or folks on your commute. With Rideshare Channels there is no need to share your phone number, email or other personal information with someone just to get a ride to the next event or shared destination.
In September, we rolled out new features for seamless ridesharing using private Rideshare Channels. Now one in ten RideConnect users are using the Rideshare Channels to connect and get rides with friends, colleagues and as loyal customers of taxi services.

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Why create a Rideshare Channel?
Rideshare Channels are a private rideboard for your friends, family, coworkers, customers or folks with shared interests. Rideshare Channels connect riders and drivers who are looking for rides with a specific group of people. Rideshare Channels can help you:

  • Start our own private rideshare
  • Manage family or neighborhood ridesharing for school and afterschool pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Create a safe-ride home service in your town or on your college campus.
  • Give and get rides to your favorite team's away games or music festivals.
  • Organize rides to work and client meetings with colleagues.
  • Connect with and reward loyal customers of your local taxi company.

For more on how to create and join Rideshare Channels check out our interactive guide. And to get your own rideshare started download RideConnect!